By Chai Hee

Gunung Tambuyukon, Sabah

Gunung Tambuyukon, Sabah

This is a story about my project of climbing the Malaysia’s 12 Highest Mountains in 55 Days. My objective is simple, to take some photos and short movie clips, so I can share them with people on my website about the exotic plants and the beautiful Tropical Rainforests of Malaysia. Hopefully this will create awareness among people to care and love our Tropical Rainforests – for you and I and our family to enjoy for a long time.

It all started 7 years ago when I was dreaming about this wild idea, “Would it be possible to climb 12 Highest Mountains in Malaysia in one go, one after another?” The first two years I kept this dream to myself. It was during the 3rd year that I started to host my website to attract people to participate. I started to email a few people at Kementerian Belia dan Sukan but unfortunately they did not respond to my emails. I also emailed RAKANMUDA and they too did not respond. I started writing to Outdoors Gear Companies for sponsorship of equipments but unfortunately, they were not interested in my project. It was down to no financial support and no participants.

Eventually, I decided to self-fund this project. I knew it will take a lot of money to implement this project. I started working harder, finding a better job to allocate some money for this project. Due to the funding, this project was one year behind schedule. I was supposed to execute this project in year 2007, but only have sufficient fund to get it done by early this year in 2008. It costs me more than RM$10,000.

So I began my journey in Jan 2008, from Sarawak to Sabah to Peninsular Malaysia. I was stung by wasps, almost broke my ribs, almost drown while crossing treacherous river, haunted by leeches bite and lots of money to spend. People ask me why. The only thing I did uttered, “I ask for it, and I have no complain so I don’t need to explain”. I am just an ordinary person doing ordinary thing, trying to live a simple life.

I believe this kind of project, I only can do it once. I don’t think I am capable to do the same in the future as my body could not take the torture of such intense hiking.

After I have completed this project, I began to realize that I am still a novice in trekking the Tropical Rainforests in Malaysia because there are still many things to observe and learn.

I am aware there are many hiking clubs in Malaysia and many active members climbing one mountain after another. I don’t know what their purposes were. It could be for self-achievement, adventure, loving nature, taking pictures, etc. I truly hope we take responsibility to love our beautiful Tropical Rainforests.

Thank you for spending your valuable time to read this article. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Till then, lives life to the fullest because I only live once.

Webmaster: 12 peaks in 55 days is not an easy task but Chai Hee did it. I am proud about his feat. If he has his name as Chai Hee bin Abdullah, I believe he would be highly sponsored and rewarded. Anyway, this is Bolehland.

9 Apr 2008